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Injection Fob (V1 2016+ Tacoma) Instructions

Injection Fob (07-17 Tundra/05-15 Tacoma) Instructions

Also applicable for 2007 FJ Cruiser, 3/4th Gen 4Runner, 1st Gen Tundra

Injection Fob (5th Gen 4Runner) Instructions

Transponder Removal

Injection Fob (5th Gen 4Runner) Instructions

Injection Fob (Wrangler JK) Instructions

Injection Fob (2008-2014 FJ Cruiser) Instructions

Injection Fob (2008-2014 FJ Cruiser) Key Shimming

Injection Fob (2018+ Tundra / 2016+ Tacoma Manual/SR5) Instructions

Climate Knob (2005-2015 Tacoma) / FJ Cruiser Instructions

Injection Fob (2014-2018 Chevy/GMC Truck) Instructions

Climate Knob (2007-2013 Tundra) Instructions

Climate Knob (2014+ Tundra) Instructions

Injection Fob (Wrangler JL) Instructions

Injection Fob (V2 2016+ Tacoma / 5th Gen 4Runner LIMITED) Instructions

Climate Knobs (2011-18 Wrangler JK) Instructions

Vent Rings (2011-18 Wrangler JK) Instructions

Climate Rings (2016+ Tacoma) Instructions

Climate Knobs (5th Gen 4Runner) Instructions

Shift Knob (2013-2018 Ram)

Shift Knob (2019+ Ram)

Vent Rings (2016+ Tacoma)

Vent Rings (2014+ Tundra)

Injection Fob (3/4th Gen 4Runner, 2007 FJ, 1st Gen Tundra)

Cup Holder Ring (2016+ Tacoma)

Cup Holder/Shifter Ring (2014+ Tundra)

Shift Knobs (Wrangler JL)

Shift Gate Trim Ring (2014+ Tundra)

Start Ring/ 4x4 Knob (2016+ Tacoma/ 2014+ Tundra)


2014+ Tundra Dash Removal

Climate Knob Trim Rings (2014+ Tundra)

Shift Knob Trim Ring (2016+ Tacoma)

Glovebox Inlay (2016+ Tacoma)

Push Start Button

Door Handle Cover (2007+ Tundra/FJ Cruiser)

Transfer Case Knob (5th Gen 4Runner)

Radio and Climate Knobs (2019+ Ram)

Injection Fob (2019+ Rav4)

Steering Wheel Trim Button Inserts

Injection Fob (Subaru)

Injection Fob (2019+ Chevy/GMC Truck)

Injection Fob (2017+ Ford Smart)

Injection Fob (2022+ Tundra)

Injection Fob (2019+ RAM)

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